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A 1 hour session with a KONA director (not some junior sales rep!) could change your business for the better, forever. If you are serious about improving your business let us spend just 1 hour with you this week and we can demonstrate our effectiveness in person. You may be surprised to discover just how much more profitable your business can be. Call us now. Sales Improvement, Strategy Execution, Management and Leadership Development, and Interim Management Services.

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What we can do for you

Sales Improvement
KONA clients contract our sales training and coaching specialists for 2 key reasons

Strategy Execution
KONA Group are specialists in strategy and executing business plans to deliver results.

Leadership and Management Development
The key to a truly successful organisation lies with the performance of it’s leaders.

Interim Management Services
KONA Group offers interim management services for small and large organisations.

Customer Insights
How do you know what your customers really want? KONA Group provides data and results based on actual customer and business feedback.

What Our Clients Say

  • Increased sales of a pharmaceutical client by 19% to achieve 140% of target in one year

  • Sold $1,200,000 of products in ONE POWER HOUR

  • Increased revenue of a finance client by 20% in one year

  • Doubled sales of a B2B sales force in 6 months

  • Grew sales for a retail client by 250% over last year in 3 weeks

  • Booked 437 appointments in 1 hour DURING a telephone sales training program

  • Increased revenue for a distribution client by 12% in one year

  • Increased customer retention of a major credit card by over 12% in 6 months

  • Increased market share of an industrial/manufacturing client from 32% to 40% in 2 years