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For over 16 years KONA have been improving the performances of organisations' Managers, Leaders and Sales People. And they get results!

Recent client outcomes include:

  • - Doubled sales of a B2B sales force in 6 months
  • - Trained a sales team to make 439 appointments in ONE POWER HOUR and another team to sell over $1,200,000 in another HOUR
  • - Increased revenue of a Finance organisation by 20% in one year
  • - Increased sales of a Pharmaceutical client by 19% to achieve 140% of target in one year.
  • - Increased revenue for a Distribution client by 17% in one year.
  • - Increased customer retention of a Major Credit Card by over 12%
  • - Helped raise nearly $1,200,000 for Charity

Contact us today to see how we can help your organisation

Meet with a KONA specialist (not some generic, 'by the book' trainer) to discuss how we can help you to improve the results of your organisation and/or your team for the long term.

So contact us now on 1300 611 288 or email

Over the last 16 years The KONA Group has become renowned as the 'go to' company for organisations looking to improve performance of their Leaders, Managers, Sales People and Employees Specialising in: Sales Training, Sales Management Training, Executive Coaching, Management Development Programme, Call Centre Training, Leadership Development Programme, Customer Insights, Instructional Design, MBTI, DISC, OEP, Interim Managers, Sales Pipeline Training, Negotiation Skills Training, Conference Speakers and Motivational Speakers.

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